How can I help?

I pride myself on making a difference for my clients and I focus on solutions that are digestible (scope and investment) by their organization. Reach out to learn more about special programs I do to support startups and small businesses!

Whether a startup or an established company, I can help you get to where you want to be. I can take ideas and move them to plans/products in the most efficient and effective way achieving your corporate success. I have spent 30 years building a very broad understanding of every step of the process. I can take you from fundamental breakthrough research to products on the shelf, for companies from startup to Fortune 500. Under this broad umbrella, I have several areas of core expertise​:

Company Evolution

  • Strategic management

  • Growth strategy

  • Growth management (factories/supply chains)

  • New business creation

  • KPI development and tracking for strategy tracking

  • Business models

  • Merger and acquisition

  • Business lifecycle optimization

  • Business management

  • Near and long-term planning and execution

Product Development and Deployment Success


  • Product and project portfolio management

  • Product development

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Competitive positioning

  • Market segment analysis and strategy

  • Technology management (IP included)

  • Customer intimacy to define their needs

Evolving People

  • CEO advising

  • Executive mentoring

  • Company culture

  • Stakeholder engagement and management

  • Organizational alignment and effectiveness